I had a great conversation with a broker yesterday who was trying to set up a showing on one of my listings. My listing has been on the quiet side for about 5 months. Now that if feels like spring has sprung, there is tons of activity on it! In fact, it just pended yesterday!

Back to my conversation with this broker… He had scheduled 5 showings aside from mine for last night. Two of them had been freshly listed 3 days prior, and had already gone pending!! In 3 days. These were homes less than $250,000, in the Hamilton County area.

This is common at this time of year, and I experienced this over and over last year representing buyers. Interest rates are still amazing for home buyers, hovering less than 4% in many cases, yet another reason buyers are so active now. If you are on the fence of whether now is the time to list, then you and I should have a very real conversation about this!

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