Realtor Camera

Many Realtors take their own pictures for new listings. It is a great way to save some money early on and with some practice and learning, anyone can create great images to market a house. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you move along..

1. Quality counts – If you are not going to take the time to produce quality pictures, don’t waste your time faking it. These are expensive sales and pictures are the main marketing tool for buyers to become interested. When processing pictures take the time to adjust them for lighting and contrast.
2. Take good pictures – When taking pictures you should use a tripod and pay attention to the entire shot. Are toilet seats down, closets closed or organized and is there anything in the shot that does not belong. Aim and then stand back and pan all the nooks. These things show up and make a difference.
3. Lighting – To adjust a picture once it has been downloaded, the better lighting makes a huge difference. Turn lights on, moves lamps behind you and open curtains. Natural light is huge and is your best friend. Also, try to avoid shooting a picture directly into a light fixture.
4. Cropping – Your pictures need to tell a story and the little things on the edge of photos can be a problem. Crop out doorways (you should be in the room anyways), remove reflections in mirrors at edges and cut them off a a point that makes sense. Also, never try to get 2 rooms into one picture. They wall in the middle will not only never look straight but will also make rooms look small.
5. Review – Once you have taken quality photos with good lighting and adjustments, go back and be sure you are telling the story of the house. Make a list of 5 features that stand out and showcase them with great pictures. Then provide a “tour” of sorts with the photos. Can you get a good feeling of the layout with these pictures? Does it sell the strong points? Ask someone to look at them in order and apply that feedback. Then upload, write descriptions and post.

Again if you want to take your own pictures that is fine. But good planning and technique make all the difference. Otherwise avoid the ridicule and hire a professional.  And for the love of God, shut the toilet before you shoot the bathroom!!