I am always amazed about the great things I see good Samaritans doing. Latest story of a homeless man turning in a stolen wallet to a hotel. The general manager thanked the Homeless man, as the wallet was one of a guests that had been stolen, by giving him a room for a week through Thanksgiving and $500 cash. Pretty neat if you ask me.
So the local news tweets about what are some things you do as your part of being a good Samaritan? Some responses were “helped an elderly woman load her groceries,” and “take out the trash for my elderly neighbors.” Those are great things and I applaud those people for their efforts.
Paying it forward can seem hard to do sometimes on the Macro scale. Where do I start? Who do I call, who do I help, where will I make the biggest difference? Maybe we start small, and through small efforts, bigger things may come.
I truly feel if everyone did something like this once a day, open the door for someone, help with groceries, give a kid a high-five, tell someone you’re thinking about them, Care for a minute about something other than our well-being, this place we call Earth would be a lot cooler place. So give it a shot and see how much better you can feel about yourself by not helping only yourself.