Over the past 2 years you may have noticed my focus on building WKRP Indy Real Estate and you may even be a little annoyed by that constant reminder.  Unfortunately, I have a problem, with such a demanding and time consuming project……..I have lots of new ideas.  I spend my days daydreaming about what I could do with “that” building or how I could better someones “process”.  I see endless opportunities for peoples need for convenience and the never ending stream of simple solutions to age old tasks.  As a self employed person with a fairly new company and limited resources, it can be exhausting to constantly tell myself that its just not the time to be distracted.  Why would I ever want to focus on anything other than building my real estate company and putting together good deals?  And what would I ever have to blame, for the car ride daydream other than the self-diagnosed ADD?  Wells its something in me that never stops agreeing with the world that there is always another way and another thing that may or may not be better than how it is.  And as I surround myself with people doing all different jobs, very quickly they are divided between the ones that do the job and those that create the job.  Its exciting to see the passion of both sides and the necessary function of both.  Hopefully, I never lose the need to think and consider the options or at least I never become too focused to stop daydreaming and believing how it could be.  thanks for listening.