I look forward to our group that meets once a month and reminds each other what it is we are doing. Its a pleasure to hear how the Insurance guy is too busy to golf or the Web Designer has brought on a new developer. For me its a great to time reach out to my colleagues and help them get tied into the local market. Many of them already are and some more so than I. Westfield Business Development is just that though, to be connected to the Westfield community. And one aspect of that is our involvement. We will be making a big push the next couple of meetings and beyond to play a part in the spirit of community involvement. As a group we see the need to spend time on the ground helping and assisting our little city of Westfield. I am proposing volunteering time at upcoming events or each of us making a great effort to invite a business owner that may not know whats going on. But to become a better city and business environment, we need to work together. We need to share out skills and abilities to the ones around us. And hopefully we are sending that message. I look forward to seeing everyone. Thanks