Tonight Ameriana Bank and Westfield Business Development put on an after hours networking event inside the beautiful Ameriana Bank.  With the Help of several vendors serving Booze and Food, over 60 people spent 2 hours working the room looking for business connections and friends.  I could not have been more inspired by this and know that everyone involved in the event was quite proud of what went down.
Westfield is considered a re-emerging community and a place people want to be involved but to get them to participate after hours and during a busy evening is remarkable.  Boozing and Banking has an entire new meaning but as a community it is time to make something happen.  We have a spirit of small business that most communities of larger size struggle to produce.  We have a success rate that proves itself each meeting as so many have built themselves beyond a startup.  We also have a community that wants to share the love by supporting and connecting each other to other professionals or consumers that can shorten the sales process for a friend.  
I love this community how it is and have enjoyed how it was, but nothing inspires me more then a group of people with handwritten name tags and a pocket full of business cards, working hard to move forward.  Tonight we saw this first hand and we saw a group hungry for a heartfelt introduction or to show off their amazing product.  We have exactly what a re-emerging community needs to progress right in front of us and the future is looking pretty darn great.  Thanks to everyone that attending and participated and I hope that each of you are able to visit one of the vendor websites below and visit their restaurants in the near future.



Union Baking Company

Greeks Pizzeria

Four Day Ray Brewery

Grand Junction Brewing Company

Ameriana Bank