Thanks to Brian Tomamichel as he answers some of my questions about Westfield Schools, the referendum and ways our community can engage with him. Our schools are as good as schools get and a huge draw for Westfield. Have a listen and let us know what you think. #whatsupwestfield #bestfield

Hello I am Curt Whitesell and want to welcome you to the coolest and most informative podcast in the Westfield Indiana area…..Whatsupwestfield. Whatsupwestfield is a local chat fest to dig deep into politics, development, who’s doing what and anything else we can fit into 45 minutes of fun online. If you have topics or an interest in being an amazing guest, please reach out to us and we would love to hear your ideas. I first met my guest when I sent a general inquiry to my school board representative and it made it up to the top, receiving a meeting invite from my guest to meet in person. I spent nearly an hour with these busy guys learning more about what they are up against and how we as a community can be part of the solution between schools and a city. One thing I always take away is that these are caring hard working people also with a lot of responsibility and today we will get a chance to hear a little bit more about what goes into leading a school. This should be a fun one gang Please Welcome Mr Brian Tomamichel to the podcast.