Business in City of Westfield, Indiana is changing and we have some great candidates looking to shape the future of the community. Brian Tomamichel is one of those guys and I look forward to following along his campaign for City County Council At-Large. 

Hello I am Curt Whitesell and want to welcome you to the coolest and most informative podcast in the Westfield Indiana area…..Whatsupwestfield. Whatsupwestfield is a local chat fest to dig deep into politics, development, who’s doing what and anything else we can fit into 45 minutes of fun online. If you have topics or an interest in being an amazing guest, please reach out to us and we would love to hear your ideas.

My returning guest today is the number 2 man and cfo of Westfield Washington schools, leading the charge to grow responsibly,  A family man and a great at large candidate for city council.

Please welcome Brian Tomamichel to the podcast