I meet many people that own Real Estate whether its a house or a commercial space and they all have one thing in common.  They each want the greatest return on investment and usually have a number in their head. 
Personally, I enjoy the initial meeting or discussion on the value of someones property because it will quickly qualify how serious they are about selling and how knowledgeable they are on the market.  In a business that tends to work for free on the front end, we need to be sure to truly understand what risk we are taking in the investment of listing someones property.  No business can make a profit by submitting quotes and overpricing their product, so why would a good Broker.  It would never be in my best interest to just put signs up hoping that someone will make an offer on an overpriced property.  Obviously, in some cases this is the best move but in general it doesn’t work.  So as you call on property owners require them to trust you and invest in you, by sharing your terrific data and pricing a property where is should be.  Because in the end everyone wants a sale.  It also will teach us to walk away from bad business practices and stop wasting precious time.