Well I am honest and realistic!
When interviewing a listing agent on a property whether it be a home or retail center, the rules usually run the same.
I always tell my clients the truth of the matter is that I want to sell their property as much if not more than them. Because I get paid when I do so and this is the worst volunteer job I can think of. So below are a couple of topics that I am unable to cloud or misguide you on just to get your listing and it not only saves me from wasting money on signs but it also saves me from the angry sellers calling looking for answers.
1. You think you property is worth alot more than it is. Nothing wastes time more than overpricing your home. Not only does it deter potential showings but it also sets up for immediate disappointment. In todays market no realtor willingly sells their buyer the highest priced home in a neighborhood. Thats called paying retail and we don’t do that anymore. It also starts your listing period off to a negative because most likely you will need to start lowering the price due to no activity.
2. I will never hold multiple open houses. Data shows that at most 4% of homes sell as a result of an open house. Most open houses are for your listing agent to work prospective buyers and most likely take them to another property to buy. If you want someone to waste their time and they are able to, than I am not sure they know what they are doing. 82% of buyers find the information provided online as most valuable in buying a home. And then they call the realtor. So instead of pushing print and circulation ads, I am focused on web based marketing including Social Media and driving traffic to my sites.
3. As a listing agent I don’t promise to have the buyer. If a listing agent says they have a buyer than why do they need the listing? I would offer anyone that promises this to a high percentage exclusive listing to that particular client and see what comes. Probably nothing. What I focus on is making the property as accessable as posible to selling agents and potential buyers. Unfortunatly, over time the listing agent has made their skills as selling a home a false hope and if they really have buyers, you would have an offer.
After I have clearly explained these things to my potential clients it sets me up to have success as apposed to failure. I pride myself on being a student of todays marketing and the sales process and will continue to evolve based on these stats as apposed to what my clients want to hear. Go!