We are going to continue our charge to be a new model for Real Estate sales and marketing. How will we do this, you ask? Please print and post the list below for reference and study.
1. Mailers-Sending them to everyone is a waste of money and doesn’t work. Instead we will target specific buyers and sellers and reach out to them.
2. FSBO-We know you hate our fee’s so why not create a way for you to reduce that. We will continue to develop a second listing program that allows sellers the chance to “work” their own listing but get the exposure most Realtors promise.
3. Loans-It’s the most important part of becoming a buyer. We are streamlining the pre-approval process and work with only a select few lenders to be sure you are a good and able buyer.
4. Agents-We don’t buy into the quantity model. We will continue to hire a few highly motivated, full-time agents that ooze customer service and hustle. Anything else can go away!!
5. Marketing-Growing our Social Media foot print and reach is job One! We want to have the other side of each transaction at our fingertips and the blc is not the future way. Maintaining an ongoing, targeted client list will not only create quicker transactions it will also stop wasting so much time.
6. Open Houses-The only reason we are holding an Open House is to build our client list. No smoke-No mirrors. Buyers don’t typically walk through the door on Sunday and we get that. But we are going to be very clear about that.
7. FUN-We have fun and will continue to have fun. Our Fun motivates a better relationship between buyers/sellers and agents.