Well everyday I hear this same question and each time I am surprised by even the thought of a small business overlooking such a terrific opportunity.  As a small business owner I do not understand the risk of buying after you are established and growing your company.  Actually, to me it is almost a lack of commitment or long-term vision.  But to each his own.  So a couple of the reasons that stand out are as follows:
1.  The lowest risk return for your money is to invest in space you are otherwise going to pay for elsewhere and why should someone else enjoy the returns on your investment.  To let someone else take your rental money each month and apply it towards the equity of that building and in return you get to gladly also pay for taxes, insurance and maintenance fees.  Makes no sense!
2.  It’s easy.  Being on site and letting your company and a renter pay your rent down couldn’t be easier.
Who is going to take more pride in a space than yourself and to be able to control this and your asset is invaluable.
3.  Capital gains and flipping is for the rookies.  As a small business owner we are always looking for the best use of our dollars.  And we also can’t take the risk of putting all of our money in one place.  So to use a piece of real estate and a banks money to create cash-flow is the best bet.

So the easiest way to say it is unless you buy a property, lease it to your company and a renter and enjoy the monthly positive cash flow, you are throwing away your hard earned money.  And that is why we have developed the #accidentallandlord.  An easy and sensible approach to leveraging your hard work and successes towards your long term gains and legacy.  Now you go!