I continually meet business owners that throw money out the window.  Especially on a lease.  When times were good we could not wait to find a new location and pay a little extra for it because everyone was spending a little extra and the buyers continued to spend alot.  It’s over!  If you are paying a lease rate that goes back more than 2 years its time to re-negotiate.  I am not telling you to go bad on a deal you’ve made, but to use the lease and your business to leverage better terms.  When you can move next door or down the road for 1/2 the price it makes no sense to continue in this habit.  Restaurants especially are getting killed and they are not making as much money so the first thing they need to look at is the big expense and many times that is rent.  Sit down and really evaluate what it would take to move as apposed to staying at the current rate.  What is a fair price that makes sense for your business.  And what is most important, your livelihood or their vacancy rate?  This will be one of the greatest business moves  you can make and will save you from further waste and loss.