In response to the September Realtor Safety month and several crimes against Realtors, we think we should address our own Companies policies and suggestions for safe Real Estate sales.


  • All agents should have on their person a cell phone to use in case of an emergency.
  • When showing a home to a stranger it is a good idea to not only have someone else with you but also make a first contact in person.
  • When showing a home to a stranger I always require some information on them and with that do a quick search on them.
  • No mutual FB friends or a bad email address are a couple of red flags.
  • Always tell someone where and when you are doing a showing and with who you will be with.
  • Be aware and never allow yourself to be trapped or no direct access to exits. This means standing at the bottom of the stairs in a basement while the client tours or hanging out in the foyer during the same

Open Houses:

  • All agents should hold an Open House with a second person or a readily available neighbor at hand.
  • Let the surrounding neighbors know that you will be alone at the property during those times and to be aware of any strange activity.
  • All agents should have on their person a cell phone to use in case of an emergency.
  • All visitors are required to sign in with names and contact information. An unwillingness to do so is a sign of an uninterested buyer and potentially danger. I am adamant with this…
  • During an Open House position yourself with access to exits at all time, whether you stage yourself in the foyer or front room. It is not advised that you relax in a kitchen or back living room during these times.
  • When an Open House has ended, take the time to walk the home and double check windows and doors to be fully locked and secure. Even if the homeowner is home don’t assume they will do so. Many crimes happen after an Open House has ended.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please let me know and continue to be safe