Maintaining a growing brokerage is more then just extending brand recognition and increasing agent sales. One of the most difficult tasks is recruiting new brokers as they are looking to either transfer or just starting out. We have been pretty adamant with our target professional and like all other things we do at WKRP Indy we have done a good job of not wasting our time chasing the best fit for us. What we are looking for is not a high volume company that tends to lend itself to steady turnover but recruit professionals that understand what a brokerage can really do for them and what it won’t ever do again. Below are a couple of traits that we look for and why we feel they can make a fantastic Realtor.

Full Time-Real Estate is far from a part-time hobby anymore. Representing yourself or getting into this to make a little extra money is silly. So recruiting someone that feels like they can build a sustainable brand on a part-time basis just doesn’t fit with us. We recruit people that want to build a career and eventually if not already work selling real estate full-time and as a way to support a family.

Service Employees-We love service employees like Bartenders and Waitresses because they understand keeping lots of different people happy and their income is based on their performance. Service employees know how to be personable and interact with clients while being sure they are provided the best customer service throughout a transaction.

Learners-When we interview potential Realtors one of the favorite company questions is “where do you learn?”. We want people that understand that being in an ever-changing business like Real Estate they have to be continuously educating themselves in their field. Studying is part of a Doctors and Lawyers growth, so why would a Realtor not do the same?

Busy People-People that are busy know how to hustle. I am not talking about someone that has 3 jobs or running around frantically managing a life. I am talking about people that are involved, active and taking on multiple personal and professional responsibilities. Are they involved in a community? Do they have a leadership role in a service or networking group? Do they have a Power Circle? Are they volunteering in the market they want to pursue? These are all good indicators on how well a future Broker may perform and grow a business.

These are not the only and must haves to become a great Realtor but they sure do help. We work in an industry with terrible turnover and failure rates and accepting that is not our option. So we are working hard to bring on the best chances of success as a brokerage and professionals that can make a real difference for everyone. Best-