We spend a lot of time looking for reasons to move a business or add additional locations in an area and Westfield in the last year has done some really great things to increase its draw.  I am not talking just Westfield the City Government but also a few local organization’s, the residents and the overall  friendly atmosphere that make your business a top priority and a place for you to plug in.  So below are 3 that stand out to me and hopefully you can find 3 that can project your business to the next level.  

The Chamber – Steve Latour and his gang have taken their events and sponsorship opportunities to another level.  They have figured out how to put all the right people at events while making them fun.  Local chambers in the past have had a hard time being relevant but Westfield’s chamber is really doing its part in connecting and growing its business community.  Whether it’s putting on a great golf outing or the coffee events, it is a fantastic place to meet other professionals but also learn about opportunities in Westfield.  

Political Races – Nothing gets the candidates out and engaged like a good old fashion election cycle and in Westfield this will be a big one.  Everything from the Mayor’s spot to City Council seats are being fought over and that means a bunch of excited candidates are looking for ways to get involved and help out.  So what does that mean for your business?  If you are looking for an opportunity to connect with the right people or a chance to bring your business to Westfield, you have a very capable and hard working bunch of candidates looking to make a name for themselves and a difference.  If you need help navigating the process of bringing your company to Westfield these candidates are always ready to help and if you are here now and need some attention for your current company, reach out to them to share your wants and needs and how a local candidate can be supportive.  For several elections I have watched these candidates work with local businesses to be a voice of opportunity and a boost to our local economy.  By the way, this goes for those needing volunteers as well.  

Development –  Westfield is a blank canvas in regards to its future look and amenities in my opinion and I still believe that the right projects will get approved for development.  Westfield beyond Grand Park has no identity that will take it into the next generation which makes it an exciting land of opportunity for those wanting to make an impact.  To be involved early and bring new fresh ideas for development, the community is looking for amenities and cool businesses and spaces to support.  I look at Park St and the surrounding area and am amazed at how rewarded the hard working business owners have been, as it seems that very little business closure occurs and we continuously hear that people even want more.  Westfield’s residence support new development and want to see new options for meals, entertainment and good jobs.  They show up when it’s done right and they show up big, which is encouraging for those that want to invest in Westfield.  

If you or your business are looking for ways to get tied in please reach out directly to me at 317-698-2700.  I am always glad to share with those wanting to invest in Westfield Indiana. 

Curt has been in the Indianapolis Real Estate business for over 15 years and spent his first years learning all aspects of commercial management and brokerage.  He has had great success in managing existing commercial projects and new retail and office developments.  Curt specializes in building owner representation and purchases in the Westfield Indiana market as well throughout the Indianapolis Metro area.  Curt is passionate about growing the local Westfield community and in his free time  volunteers with Student Impact and raising 2 children with his wife Jennifer.