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3 Things the Consumer Could Care Less about in Real Estate

Do Homebuyers Really Care About Real Estate Tech? Learn what truly matters to buyers and sellers. Discover the truth today!


Realtors and Real Estate Boards spend a lot of time telling each other what the consumer wants and needs as they buy and sell homes.  We think the technology and information made available is best for everyone that is blessed with our Real Estate services.  We give them Portals and Pictograms to tell a story and show them just how much we care about them and that they are lucky to have found our services.  We also give them the most important data to help make decisions, of course its the data We feel they have a right to.  And We have a set of policy’s and procedures that have only the best interest of the client in mind, helping them make an amazing decision based on our professionalism.  But in the end, do they really care?  I think they do about many things but I also think we are fooling ourselves as we continue to push products, services and standards on them during their buying experience.  So what are a few things that Buyers and Sellers could care less about that we keep pushing on them?


1.  Our Technology – We as a Real Estate community have yet to develop, accept and share a great way for us to communicate products and services to clients.  Our Listing Services are poorly executed and in no way have the consumer(buyers and sellers) in mind.  Until we figure out a way to use our huge database as a marketing and client friendly tool, it will just remain a search database for Realtors themselves.  We will also continue to cry ourselves to sleep at night knowing that Zillow and Trulia’s of the world are better then us at what we should be doing.

2.  Our Relationships – Buyers and sellers are not looking for friends I am convinced.  They are looking for an experience and part of that is bringing our network of services to them when they need it.  They need a loan if they don’t have one, a contractor that can fix the inspection report and an advocate until closing.  Other then that everyone knows an insurance agent and most title companies seem the same.  So stop pushing your recent new LinkedIn connection on clients until they ask.  If they need a quote, they will ask and if they don’t, your not obligated to fan your Rolodex in front of them at each road block.  Be a Realtor and a the person they lean on to get to the closing table.  But until they need them, they could care less that you “have a guy” for that.

3.  Your BS – People are pretty smart and they typically know as much as a Realtor throughout the transaction, outside of the process.  Buyers and Sellers are overwhelmed these days with the “I know everything” agent and I don’t think they are impressed.  Buyers want someone to schedule showings and help with paperwork and Sellers want someone to take great pictures and price their property appropriately.  But they don’t care if you have sold homes 3 x’s their price point or worked with a local hot shot CEO.  People want Realtors to be kind and considerate and understand their situation at that time.  Too many times Realtors spend their time constantly selling how amazing they are instead of just being a great resource to their clients.  Our clients don’t use us again because by the time we complete the transaction they see us as slimy, selfish or not really concerned with their particular sale.  Be a human and realize that they chose you for you and not for the reasons your getting ready to tell them.

Being a Realtor is a very difficult job if full-time and taken seriously.  But its also not splitting atoms or saving lives.  Its a service that should be tailored to what a consumer wants and needs and Realtors need to begin to stop assuming We know what they need and want more then they do.  Now back to your Gold Blazers, Name Tags and 4 Door Sedans.


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