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We are continuosly working to identify who we work with best as clients and sometimes we are all over the place. Originally we were doing alot of investment residential transactions and that was nice, then we moved into several office purchase deals. Those were great because working directly with a business owner is too fun. Next we seemed to morph into a retail/land listing company and this was intentional as we are directly focused on the Westfield Indiana commercial market. But over the summer we took a route that I hadn’t expected and since originally becoming a broker hadn’t spent much time on. The small B2C services space. For instance we did a deal with a personal trainer and moved them into a really cool industrial space on the West side of Westfield, IN. We also helped a small lawnmower repair shop find a terrific long term space to do a lease with option purchase. I point these out becaues they were both alike in that they were unable to get the service they were looking for. They were angered by the lack of returned calls and turned away by the broker looking to oversell them. But the opportunity was perfect for me. As a small brokerage we can work around those issues of finding value in spending the time to help these clients. Putting a deal together for a small services provider is much more rewarding since its watching the little guy get ahead. They are taking a risk to find a space to not only expand but also to still offer the service that got them to where they are. So maybe this is the next phase of WKRPIndy and I don’t mind it. Now I just need to go find these future clients……and I will. Thanks

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