Is a decent community garden too much to ask for?

To start, I am not asking our wonderful city to […]

To start, I am not asking our wonderful city to in any way spend money or time on this.  Unfortunately in times like these we first look to our governments to facilitate local activities and thats just not the point of this.

One of the great joys of visiting my Mother-In-Law is spending time in her great city, Naperville, IL.  And one of my favorite amenities is the community garden that is smack dab in the middle of town.  During the summer months you see numerous people tending to their designated plots, including families and local restaurateurs.  Here is Westfield Indiana I continually drive back in forth on SR32 and envision a space that mimics this communal and refreshing creation, while never being able to quite place it.  The city has started one near the City Hall but unfortunately it is the size of a postage stamp and you would need your hand held to find it.  It’s got the right idea though.  Nothing negative can come from a space that invites locals to cultivate and grow food to be consumed by themselves and their friends right in their own community.  It also sets you apart from everyone else as a city that has pride and understands the natural benefits of a large garden right next door.  What a great place to grow food not only for your family but also for families that are in need.  I would suggest a 25% donation rate to be delivered to our local pantry.  I will continue to seek out the right space and enjoy the support I receive from the near ear.  Hopefully, someday we can make this a reality and continue to live up to being the best place to live in Indiana.  Grow!

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