New Faces for the City of Westfield

New Faces in the City of Westfield Indiana for 2024

Bright New Future for Westfield Indiana


Congratulations to all the new people who will be leading and serving our awesome community in Westfield. Here is a list of the newly elected and hired people who will be serving the City:


Scott Willis



Marla Ailor

Clerk Treasurer


Chad Huff

Kurt J. Wanninger

Jon Dartt

Victor McCarty

Joe Duepner

Patrick T. Tamm

Noah Herron

City Council


Peg Strass

Executive Operations Manager


Kayla Arnold

Director of Communications


Kaitlin Glazier

Chief of Legal


Jenell Fairman

Economic Development Director


Danielle Carey Tolan

Chief of Staff


To see more updates check out Willis for Westfield on Facebook.

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