This was Awesome! Chris Wilkes who is a developer that lives here in Westfield, been the brains behind several of our larger projects and is focused on future developments in Westfield met with me to discuss. Many times we are rushed and don’t hit some of the topics people want to hear but Chris was nice enough to go into detail and walk me through his professional career and what its like to be in his position here. We have watched a real shit show the last couple of years but thankfully people like him see a light at the end of the tunnel and a bright future. Hopefully you can take the time to watch or listen and feel free to give feedback or share. #bestfield

My guest today is a seasoned developer that has put his companies mark on many of the cool new developments in Westfield like Grand Park Events Center, a Hampton inn, the west fork distillery  and of course the Northpointe industrial park.  We are lucky to have him as a guest and Westfield is even luckier to have his company pushing hard on development.  This might be a long one but well worth the time hearing how he got started, his experiences and his time in Westfield.  This should be a fun one.  Please welcome Chris Wilkes to the podcast