The reason I say that the sale of Westfields Utility can only help is because our City has outpaced itself. Not to say we are overgrown but a community of our size would struggle to keep up with future demand as well as needed upgrades currently assessed. Some feel like a municipality should keep its services locally but why don’t we feel this way about the other utilities we use. Why don’t we have a telephone department or a the Westfield Electric service? Its because we can only provide a certain amount of service based on current rates and population. To improve or expand we would either have to spend money to increase our output and capacity or sell to a company that specializes in this service. Citizens was chosen by Westfield IN because not only are they focused on Indiana but because they understand the needs we will have in the future. They will immediately increase our revenue by 2 and as time goes create an even better product with reduced costs. They are set up to manage this service so much better then a City of Westfield’s size can and will incorporate many of the tasks into their current management and operations. The City of Westfield will then be able to focus its attention on what they need to do to continue a strong responsible growth. While it may look like Westfield is selling off a great asset, a city is not in the utility asset business. And as long as we hold on to that out dated way of doing business we will not be helping ourselves.