This past year I have watched three neighbor houses sit on the market, for a year.  The prices have not dropped and the owners are frustrated.  There are no showings and there are surely no offers, and what the future holds is a crap shoot.  The great question from the home owners is “where are the buyers?”  Let me just make this clear, the majority of Realtors do not have a buyer and do not know where that buyer will come from.  The consumer has as much info and more options than any agent can provide them and they know this.  So what is the point of hiring a listing agent?  I say not much!  The only reason to hire a listing agent is for advise on things like contracts and negotiations.  Some people like the convenience of being just the property owner and not involved in the selling process, which is fine and if your willing to pay for this.  But in general a listing agent puts a sign in the ground and heads off to the next appointment.  In a time when everyone has the Internet and a post hole digger, the necessary listing agent is becoming extinct.  And as a seller in a market where homes are losing value, the last thing I want is to add 3% onto the price.  I think the best way to sell a house is FSBO and publicly offer a commission to anyone that brings a buyer.  With all the listing sites available for free and you usually know the neighborhood better than any across-town realtor would, you should be able to price, prepare and sell your house on your own.  And save alot of money in the meantime.  I love when a client asks me questions that put me on the defensive and make me account for my services, especially since I have accepted the role of a realtor and understand that the way of selling real estate will never be the same and never should be!