How To Interview a Listing Agent to Sell Your Home

The difference of a great listing agent.



Not all Realtors are created equal and there can be a pretty big difference between a great listing agent and a Your buddy that just got a Real Estate license.  The difference can be overwhelming when it comes to pricing, negotiations and the closing process.  So here is a short list of questions that may apply to the sale of your home.

1.  Do You have a buyer today? – Many Realtors say they sell homes more quickly because they have active buyers ready to pounce on new listings.  Ask them directly and for specifics.  They won’t give you names and numbers but if they are working with buyers they will be familiar with all the similar homes for sale in your area.  Ask them what they are hearing from these buyers on the inventory, then apply that feedback to your listing strategy.

2.  How many homes have you listed and sold this year? – The real red flag goes up with any answer less than 1, but the more the better.  Not because they are not worthy of a listing but do they know the process.  Working with an agent that is not current on the efforts it takes to sell a home today will be frustrating and possibly slow down the deal.  If they are new to selling homes don’t write them off.  Ask them who is helping them through this process and if they have good mentorship, take advantage of the New Realtor Hustle to get that deal done.

3.  Who are your Vendors? – Ask the agent for a list of companies and names they work with throughout a listing.  Title Company, Inspectors, Contractors and Warranty Services.  If they can hand you a list, they have done their homework and most likely have relationships with these people.  Be sure they are using reputable companies as well especially when it comes to a Title company.   Any strong listing agent could rattle off that list without thinking and not doing that homework as a listing agent should be a warning sign.  Working with vendors you approve of or feel comfortable with should be a priority of any agent as well.

4.  Tell me about this community? – My favorite part of listing homes is knowing the community.  More and more Realtors need to be able to showcase the amenities in that community.  As I take a buyer to a neighborhood outside of my current listing locations, I rely more and more on the listing and listing agent for local information.  A great Agent is able to sell a community just as well as the house you are selling.  They should know upcoming developments and major changes that are going to occur.   They should know dock access rules if there is a lake, new restaurants and country clubs and rates that may be enticing to buyers.

I tend to always lean towards hiring a friend or someone I trust to provide these types of services and frankly promoting a property is somewhat standard.  But beyond getting the house for sale the exposure it needs, you are going to want a listing agent that provides an ongoing service and operating procedures that keep the ball rolling towards a close.  Happy Selling!


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